September 2016

In this action alert:

  • Pacific Steel Casting Company (PSC) in violation of Title V permit to operate since 2005
  • Call Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) complaint hotline

PSC in Violation of Title V

In 2005, BAAQMD notified PSC it must apply for a Synthetic Minor Operating Permit (SMOP) which includes all three plants under one SMOP. BAAQMD and the US EPA did not follow-up on PSC’s required SMOP permit application under Title V.

In early 2016, community member LA Wood filed a complaint with BAAQMD and US EPA about PSC’s permit violation of Title V. The US EPA investigated and pressured BAAQMD to review PSC’s SMOP and provide for public comment.

August 8 the Alliance is notified by LA Wood that the BAAQMD will review PSC’s SMOP and the public comment period ends August 15.

The BAAQMD wrote the US EPA that public notice would be published in the Oakland Tribune on July 7. The Oakland Tribune had stopped publishing in 2015.

The BAAQMD did not give adequate public notice to the Alliance and impacted West Berkeley community members.

In a US EPA letter to LA Wood, a bad link to the BAAQMD website’s Proposed PSC SMOP Evaluation Report did not allow the Alliance access to the report.

After the Alliance submitted public comment August 10 noting problems with public notice and access to the PSC SMOP Evaluation Report on BAAMQD’s website, BAAQMD extended the public comment period from August 15 to August 30.

September 1 the Alliance submitted an addendum to public comments making these requests:

A 30-day public comment period beginning when BAAQMD provided all PSC permit applications from 2000-2016 per an April 2016 public records request to BAAQMD.

BAAQMD provide PSC emissions calculations in Appendix A of its SMOP Evaluation Report.

BAAQMD include terms from a 2007 federal-ordered consent decree between Communities for a Better Environment and PSC in PSC’s proposed SMOP.

BAAQMD District staff attend a community meeting in West Berkeley on a weekday evening to explain the permit documents in lay language and answer questions.

Call BAAQMD Complaint Hotline

Call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) 24-hour complaint hotline at 800 334-6367 to complain every time you smell an odor. Ask for the complaint number.