October 2011

  • Sign and mail a postcard for Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) endorsing the cumulative impacts resolution by the Bay Area Environmental Health Collaborative (BAEHC)
  • E-mail the BAAQMD Board of Directors about the BAEHC’s cumulative impacts resolution

2011 Cumulative Impacts Resolution

To protect overburdened communities, the BAAQMD needs to adopt a definition of cumulative impacts, as well as criteria and a methodology to make an enforceable rule.

The Alliance is a member of the BAEHC, a broad coalition of environmental justice and health organizations, which has written a cumulative impacts resolution that would have the BAAQMD adopt and incorporate the California EPA’s definition of “cumulative impacts” along with the criteria that incorporate multiple pollutant exposures as well as particular sensitivities and vulnerabilities that leave certain residents more susceptible to harm.

Cumulative impacts come from multiple sources of pollution. Members of the West Berkeley community are exposed to pollution from numerous mobile sources such as motor vehicles on the streets and freeway, trains, and planes, as well as stationary sources such as local facilities like Pacific Steel Casting Company (PSC) and collections of small scale polluters, e.g., dry cleaners, bakeries and woodsmoke-emitting chimneys.

West Berkeley is recognized by the BAAQMD as one of many Bay Area overburdened communities and is on the list for the BAAQMD Community Air Risk Evaluation (CARE) program. If the BAEHC cumulative impacts resolution is adopted, West Berkeley would see reductions in pollution through new initiatives, health-protective rules, and strong, enforceable Community Risk Reduction Plans (CRRPs).

Signing and mailing a BAEHC postcard is an easy and painless way to make your voice heard. Mail the signed postcard by November 5th, 2011 to:

Rosina Roibol, BAEHC Program Director
40 Jessie Street, Suite 536
San Francisco, California 94105-2968

The signed postcards from Bay Area residents will be delivered to the BAAQMD Board members at the upcoming November 16th Board meeting.

Thank You for Doing Your Part!

What you can do:

  • Give a postcard to a neighbor or friend to sign!
  • E-mail BAAQMD Board members telling them to adopt the BAEHC’s cumulative impacts resolution
  • Educate and organize your block about PSC and the cumulative impacts resolution
  • Call the BAAQMD complaint hotline 24/7 when you smell PSC’s odors (1-800-334-6367)