May 2015

In this action alert:

  • Attend May 26th City Council meeting peaceful, silent demonstration
  • Email Berkeley City Council
  • Call Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) complaint hotline

Peaceful, silent city council demonstration

Do you want clean air?

Council members Maio and Droste were tasked to gather information from the community, industry and BAAQMD about West Berkeley air quality, but they have not been willing to hold a community meeting in West Berkeley before delivering their findings to the council on May 26th. Council member Maio and Mayor Bates placed the West Berkeley air quality item last on the agenda. Maio and Droste have not committed to take action to stop the pollution.

Will you attend a peaceful, silent demonstration at the upcoming Berkeley City Council meeting on May 26th at 7 p.m.? The Alliance needs your response this week about the number of parents and children as well as other concerned community members who would attend.

The action plan is for concerned folks to stand in the back of the city council chambers at 7 p.m. wearing lightweight dust/pollen masks and holding simple signs warning about asthma, cancer and overall cumulative impacts of pollution on the Berkeley and Albany communities.

There are enough dust/pollen masks for everyone. This peaceful, silent action would bring public attention to the ongoing toxic emissions from Pacific Steel Casting Company and other sources of pollution in West Berkeley.

Once the Alliance gets your responses, we will prepare signs drawing attention to this ongoing pollution problem and contact media to attend this event.

Will you attend?

If not enough parents with children and other concerned folks plan to attend, the Alliance will unhappily have to cancel this event. Please email the Alliance if you will attend and participate in this peaceful, silent demonstration:

Email city council members

Email the Berkeley City Council about your concerns at:
Urge the mayor and council to have the Zoning Adjustments Board review Pacific Steel Casting Company’s use permit and add these conditions: PSC must place continuous emissions monitors (CEMs) on all stacks at each plant, put fenceline monitors at each plant, use best practices, and implement a toxic use reduction plan (TUR) as used in Massachusetts, New Jersey and Oregon.

Call BAAQMD complaint hotline

Call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) 24-hour complaint hotline at 800 334-6367 to complain every time you smell an odor. Ask for the complaint number.