March 2017

In this action alert:

  • BAAQMD Whistleblowers Say Pollution Records Destroyed
  • Alliance Co-Sponsors San Francisco Earth Day Action
  • Pacific Steel Permit Revision Status

BAAQMD Whistleblower Lawsuit

In February, two whistleblowers who were former BAAQMD employees had tv and print media coverage stating they were told to allow the destruction of pollution records, including settlements and violations, during their assigned jobs of digitizing, itemizing and indexing records. The whistleblowers were fired and have filed a lawsuit. Pacific Steel Casting Company was one of the companies named whose records were destroyed.

Earth Day Action in San Francisco on April 21st

The Alliance co-sponsors the Earth Day Action. Friday, April 21, 2017 at noon at US EPA Region IX Office, 75 Hawthorne Street, San Francisco (between 2nd/3rd and Howard/Folsom Streets, near Montgomery BART/MUNI)  Mark your calendars!

April 21 2017 Earth Day Action for Climate & Environmental Justice

Pacific Steel Casting Permit Revision Update

There is no word yet from BAAQMD about the status of PSC’s permit revision. The Alliance submitted final public comments before the deadline of January 19, 2017 and will send an action alert once PSC’s approved permit is made public by the BAAQMD Board.

Call BAAQMD Complaint Hotline

Please call the 24/7 complaint hotline whenever you smell PSC’s distinctive burnt pot handle, acrid chemical smell at 800-334-6367.