July 2015

In this action alert:

  • West Berkeley industry report: Item 69
  • Alliance letter to city council
  • Call Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) complaint hotline

West Berkeley industry report from Maio and Droste: Item 69

City council members Maio and Droste were tasked to gather information from the community, industry and BAAQMD about West Berkeley air quality at the January 20th council meeting. The Alliance and other community members urged the city council to refer Pacific Steel Casting Company and Berkeley Asphalt Company to the Zoning Adjustments Board for use permit review. The council members agreed to report back to council in three months. Six months later, on July 14, the council agenda included mention of the report, but it was not posted.

Alliance letter to city council

In response to the lack of timely and transparent reporting, the Alliance wrote a public letter to pressure the city council. The Maio and Droste report was e-mailed to the Alliance and some interested parties on the afternoon of the city council meeting. The report only generally addressed Maio and Droste’s meeting with the Bay Area Air Quality Management District. An even better report will supposedly be released some time, but don’t hold your breath—unless Pacific Steel Casting Company is emitting pollution near you!

Call BAAQMD complaint hotline

Call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD) 24-hour complaint hotline at 800 334-6367 to complain every time you smell an odor. Ask for the complaint number.