July 2014

In this action alert:

  • Great news—we are joining with other grassroots organizations in California!
  • Please keep complaining to the BAAQMD complaint hotline: 800 334-6367.

California Environmental Justice Coalition

We, the undersigned grassroots community and environmental justice organizations, are pleased to announce that we have united to form the California Environmental Justice Coalition (CEJC).

The California Environmental Justice Coalition is a broad and inclusive grassroots coalition uniting urban, rural and indigenous communities suffering from pollution and environmental racism and injustice. CEJC brings together community and environmental justice groups, large and small, in order to unify our movement and support our common struggle for healthy communities and environmental justice.

The California Environmental Justice Coalition is open to all community and environmental justice organizations willing to work together in a principled and respectful manner.

We will all work together to develop policies and initiatives and carry out joint campaigns to promote environmental health and justice for all.

We believe that an injury to one community is an injury to all, and we will not compromise or sell out any community.

We will follow and uphold the Principles of Environmental Justice, and are united in our fight for healthy communities and environmental justice.

Initiating organizations of the California Environmental Justice Coalition:

Asamblea de Poder Popular de Gonzales
Comite Civico del Valle
East Side Coalition Against Exide Toxic Technologies
El Pueblo Para el Aire y Agua Limpia/People for Clean Air and Water of Kettleman City
Fort Ord Environmental Justice Network
Grayson Neighborhood Council
Greenaction for Health and Environmental Justice
Healthy 880 Communities
Huntersview Mothers and Fathers Committee for Health and Environmental Justice
La Cuna de Aztlan Sacred Sites Protection Circle
Mohave Cultural Preservation Program
San Joaquin Valley Latino Environmental Advancement Project
Tri-Valley CAREs (Communities Against a Radioactive Environment)
Valley Improvement Projects
West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air and Safe Jobs
West County Toxics Coalition
West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project
Youth United for Community Action

Keep Complaining

When you complain, regulators are more likely to do their job. Call the Bay Area Air Quality Management District Complaint Hotline (1-800-334-6367), 24/7 whenever you smell any nuisance odor. Tell your neighbors how they can complain, and many thanks for what you do!