The West Berkeley Alliance for Clean Air and Safe Jobs mission has five parts.

1. Industrial Responsibility

We believe that local industries are a vital part of our regional economy and want to keep industrial production and safe jobs in our community. We expect industry to do everything in its power to ensure that production processes do not negatively impact workers or residents. The burden of this responsibility should fall on the ownership and management of industry, not on workers, residents, or our common resources like air and water.

2. Agency Accountability

As local residents, businesses, and organizations we believe our government agencies, established to protect the community from abuses of our common resources, should perform their duty to the highest standard. We are committed to ensuring that they adequately respond to community concerns, proactively operate to protect the health and safety of residents and workers, and ethically refuse to bow to political and economic pressure against the interests of the greater community.

3. Community Organizing

We believe that community members must dialogue and work together to ensure that our public agencies and local industries perform their mission and act as good neighbors.

4. KIIMBY (“Keep It In My Backyard”)

We take a “Keep It In My Back Yard” approach to keep jobs local and the environmental and social responsibility for products we use close to home. We oppose the relocation of toxic industrial processes to another region or country, where other local communities would be impacted and good jobs would be lost in our community.

5. Protect Jobs and Health

We believe everyone in the community has the right to good health, a clean environment, and a safe workplace. We denounce the false dichotomy promoted by industry that we can either have jobs and economic development or we can have a safe and healthy environment. We demand all of these.